Louis Industries was started in 1940 as Louis Blacksmith Shop. Alfred Louis began by shoeing horses, fixing agricultural equipment, and doing general repair and maintenance for the local residents.

In 1973, Leo and Cecil Louis purchased the assets of the business from their father and changed the name to Louis Industries, Inc. They began to modify the scope of the company from a general blacksmith shop to an original equipment manufacturer that produced a line of wood burning stoves, hog and cattle equipment along with general manufacturing activities. In the early 1990s the focus of the company underwent a further change and began to deemphasize OEM work and integrate steel processing. In 1995, laser cutting was added to the list of capabilities and in 1999 the company moved into its current modern facility.


Louis Industries is one of the most modern steel processing facilities in the Upper Midwest. We currently have the latest technology available in laser, punching, forming, welding and quality control equipment. In addition, we are a major regional supplier of mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum. We specialize in supporting lean, rapid response manufacturing. With our wide variety of in-stock materials, our goal is to support you.


When you work with Louis Industries, you can expect our experienced team of metal fabrication experts to provide first class service and attention to detail. We pride ourselves on being a family business that goes the extra mile for you.



Louis Industries was established when Leo and Cecil bought the business from their father, Alfred


Moved into Paynesville Industrial Park


Current location was built, starting with 43,000 ft2


Added 29,000ft² of weld and warehouse area


Over 125,000 total machine hours

Parts were made and sent to Canada, Mexico, England, China, Poland, and Czechoslovakia to get assembled

Components made at Louis Industries end up in over 49 different countries


Expanded the main plant to 31,000 ft², and 103,000 ft² to manufacturing and warehouse area

37.5 million pounds of steel were processed

Our newest laser can move up to 6,700 inches per minute

Loaded and unloaded over 3,000 trucks

Processed over 150 orders/day with an average of 40 parts on an order

28,000 active part numbers


Over 125,000 total machine hours

Our 7 lasers ran over 30,000 hours


50+ employees


Added 2 additional 4000w lasers

Added software to simulate and error proof formed parts


Budgeted cutting 45,000 laser hours; 15,000 forming hours; 8,000 welding hours

Purchased a 4000w fiber laser/48 station lasertool capable of punching up to ¼” thick carbon steel

Louis Blacksmith


Louis Industries