Welding Service

Our precision and detail-oriented approach allows us to offer premium welding services. We have top welders in the area ensuring your project is handled with care. Our spot welding stations can produce up to 100 kva and are multi-programmable up to ten different types of hardware on one single part. We weld over 15,000 pieces of hardware each and every week.

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Welding Capability

  • We offer high quality welding ranging from 20 gauge to 1/2″ thick material
  • We offer high quality Aluminum/Stainless steel welding
  • We are equipped with push pull guns, tig welder, and 8 Combo welders that can be used for tig, aluminum, push pull guns, and mild steel
  • We are equipped with overhead hoists to help flow heavy product.
  • Everything is done at a convenient height and all products are made on platen tables to ensure the product is to its highest quality.
  • With all our tooling provided we have capabilities of making precision parts at a high quality fast production rate.
  • Our shop is tightly organized.
  • We take pride in everything that flows in and out of our shop.
  • We also have robotic welding cells. They will do a wide variety of small to fairly larger parts one cell dedicated to smaller components with two, three foot square platforms.
  • The larger is cell capable of a much larger capacity, with two three foot by ten foot frames on rotating heads and tail stock.
  • With robotic welding, we can weld from 14g to ½ inch at this time, with the possibilities of that to change.
  • Also both mild steel and stainless can be done on either machine.
  • Along with the fact that robotic welding ensures a premium part with high quality welds and a precision form and fit to go into our fixtures.
  • Automated cells give you the repeatability everybody wants, and it doesn’t wear down your workforce.